Faculty Empowerment Program

Faculty Empowerment Program

Developing Next Generation Teachers

Nivedita Academy will be implementing a range of training programs in focus with enhancing the skill set of the teachers in the K-12 sector. These FDP programs are designed to enhance the teacher’s skills as a whole in a better way of delivery. The programs would include not only digital literacy, but also personality development, pedagogy, child psychology, child attention, time management etc. Nivedita Academy Faculty Development programs encourage faculty members to gain knowledge on the subject areas and provide innovative approaches to develop the right pedagogical tools for the teaching – learning process. The program aims to raise the quality of the teaching process

List of Faculty Empowerment Program

S.No Program Name
1 Advanced Teaching Skill
2 Career Guidance
3 Classroom Management
4 Communication & Presentation Skills
5 Communication Skills & Personality Development
6 Communication Skills for Teachers
7 Creative Thinking
8 Creative Thinking and Motivation for Teachers
9 Detication, Teaching Techniques & Stress Management
10 Introduction to Aptitute Skills
11 Language and Grammer
12 Leadership Skill Seminar – School Principals
13 Leadership Skills for Teacher

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