If you are looking for IELTS institute in Chennai and Trichy then you are at right place. Nivedita Academy is premier institution for IELTS classes in Chennai and Trichy. We believe in bringing out the best in students. Module-specific training is also provided by NIVEDITA ACADEMY, so that the students can hone their skills in a particular area also where they might lag behind. It is rightly said that ‘practice makes a man perfect’, but along with practice in IELTS what one needs is proper guidance, strategies and feedback, which we provide to the best of our capabilities.

NIVEDITA ACADEMY is one of the oldest and reputed training centers for IELTS PREPARATION in Chennai and Trichy. We are located at Thillainagar, Trichy and KK Nagar Chennai. The four modules of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking assess a candidate’s overall ability in English language for communication purpose and living in a foreign country. We offer BEST IELTS Coaching in Chennai and Trichy

IELTS test is essential for those students, who are planning to go to abroad for work, immigration or higher studies abroad. Most of the global universities consider IELTS to be the benchmark to assess language proficiency, and it is the most precise and trustworthy test. We are the BEST IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai and Trichy offer complete study guide and shares skills to students and of course, provides comprehensive IELTS Training Centre in Chennai and Trichy to score sky high in IELTS exam.
To obtain a high band score, one needs best preparation with best teachers. But the first step is to understand the format of IELTS, and for that, one needs expert guidance from a reputed IELTS Exam Institute in Chennai and Trichy. 

IELTS has two types of tests –IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. People willing to migrate to countries like Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia need to opt for general training and candidates who wish to seek admission in foreign universities should take the Academic version of IELTS test.
The scoring system in IELTS test is band system, and the average score is 6.5 bands where the candidate is measured as a competent user of English language. To obtain a high band score one must join the BEST  IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai and Trichy, where he can understand IELTS in the best way and will know the best way to practice.
Join IELTS COACHING in Chennai and Trichy to improve your IELTS score by improving grammar, listening skill, fluency, writing skill and pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and communication skills. Certified faculty in NIVEDITA ACAEMY would help you in every way and provide mock test so that as you practice thoroughly, you will get better. NIVEDITA ACADEMY is the Best IELTS Coaching Center aiming to provide satisfying and powerful direction and compassion to each and every student for whom the sky is the limit.



(Test Duration: 2 Hours 45 Minutes Sections)

Listening    4 Sections, 40 Items 30 minutes
Reading 3 Sections, 40 Items 1 hour
Writing 2 Tasks (150-250 words) 1 hour
Speaking 3 Parts 11 to 14 minutes


IELTS Modules

⦁ The Academic module is for candidates planning to study abroad (Undergrad or graduate studies).
⦁ General Training is used by candidates to show English proficiency (below degree level), It is also used as a scorecard to show English proficiency by immigration authorities (from Canada/Australia).

IELTS Exam fees

IELTS Academic and General Training - paper-based test INR 13,250

IELTS exam result

⦁ IELTS results are available after 13 days.
⦁ Results can be viewed online at
⦁ Test Center can also post results after 13 days (you can even pick up from test center).
⦁ You get only one copy of the result so save it in a secure place.
⦁ You can have copies of your Test Report automatically sent to five institutions free of charge. In case if you want to send it for more colleges/universities you will have to pay extra fees.
⦁ There are no minimum passing marks in the IELTS exam. All scores are awarded in a 9-band scale (from 1, the lowest, to 9, the highest). Universities/colleges or immigration agencies may have their minimum requirement like 5.5/6 etc.
⦁ The test report is valid for two years.

IELTS Fast track
IELTS Fast Track is designed for FAST Preparation to the IELTS Exam.
Duration 20-30 days (60+ Hours)
IELTS Regular
IELTS Regular is designed for COMPREHENSIVE Preparation to the IELTS Exam.
Duration 45 days (100+ Hours)


IELTS Scoring

A Band Score for each of the four modules as well as an overall score is recorded on the Test Report Form. This allows receiving institutions to clearly identify the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. These Band Scores are recorded on the Test Report Form along with details of the candidate’s nationality, first language, and date of birth. The Test Report Form indicates whether it is for an Academic or General Training candidate. Each Band corresponds to a descriptive statement giving a summary of the English of a candidate classified at that level. Overall Band Scores can be reported in either whole or half Bands. Get your required band score with Nivedita Academy – Best IELTS Coaching in Chennai and Trichy
The nine bands and their descriptive statements are as follows:
Band – 9 Expert User
⦁ Band – 8 Very Good User
⦁ Band – 7 Good User
⦁ Band – 6 Competent User
⦁ Band – 5 Modest User
⦁ Band – 4 Limited User
⦁ Band – 3 Extremely Limited User
⦁ Band – 2 Intermittent User
⦁ Band – 1 Non User
⦁ Band – 0 Did not attempt the test

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Nivedita Academy is selected as Best IELTS TRAINING PARTNER of British Council for the Year 2017-2018.

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